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A self-paced, dynamic e-learning course designed to help students cope with stress and trauma
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Give students the tools they need to manage stress and problem-solve tricky situations
Help students get back to doing the things they want to be able to do with exercises proven to address avoidance
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Explore the benefits of using a self-paced, dynamic e-learning course designed to help students process and cope with stress and traumatic events.

Help students master the skills they need to cope effectively and reduce stress.

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Better Results

Life Improvement for Teens (LIFT) is designed to teach students the important skills needed to manage stress from traumatic events and to start doing the things they want and need to be able to do again. LIFT engages them in compelling activities that assess where they’re at and teach them a variety of coping skills to help them move forward.

Help Students Move on from Trauma

Join the growing number of satisfied customers who have helped their students build better coping skills and improve their lives with LIFT.

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Focus on Skill Building

LIFT incorporates games and exercises that help students practice navigating stressful scenarios as well as relaxation techniques they can use to cope.

Proven E-Learning Platform

Our dynamic e-learning platform provides a personalized, multimedia learning experience with opportunities for practice and feedback.

Interactive Games and Exercises

Interactive elements, assessments, and practice exercises help students build skills, while offline activities give students ways to practice the skills they’re learning.

Personalized Reports

Self-assessments help students examine their level of stress, trauma, and anxiety and depression, with dynamic reports summarizing results and showing their levels changing as they build their skills.

Practice Simulations

Virtual simulations of common stressful scenarios, such as having to move or being gossiped about at school, help students practice problem solving and provide feedback on their choices so they’ll be better prepared to deal with problems in real life.